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Latest News - Clearwater Bond Project - Updated!

Posted Date: 09/18/2019


We are officially in all of our new office spaces.  Please be patient with us as we still have many boxes to unpack, and new shelves and cabinets to figure out the best location for everything.  The overall project still has several months to go. There are many places that need concrete work done. We will wait until school is out to fix or finish those areas as to not disrupt the rest of school.  One area of concern is the joints between the new and old buildings. Those areas will be taken care of as the construction company is waiting on metal. At the middle school and CIC buildings, we will begin to remodel the old office areas into tech and classroom space.  The middle school theater will be getting a facelift as the 1975 model was looking very dated. The orange seats will be coming out along with the rest of the blue shag carpet. We have a very long punch list of odds and ends that need attention yet to complete our project.  We will also be taken care of some landscaping and getting everything looking nice. We will look to have an official open house next fall at the start of the school year.

CIMS Auditorium Remodel
The CIMS Auditorium remodel has started!


Project updates

Elementary West- The new office space along with the new Pre-K classroom is in full use now.  When you visit the building please enter door number 1. The new office space is receiving a lot of compliments.  The old office space is currently being remodeled into two classrooms.

CIMS-The new office area is now enclosed as they continue to make the connection between both buildings.  The brickwork is being completed along with some final steel connections. They are about ready to work on the interior walls.

High School-They continue to work on heating and cooling upgrades along with the upgrades to entrance doors and cameras.  Upgrades are less noticeable at this location as it is a newer building.

Some finishing touches on the outside of the projects will have to wait for a little warmer weather to complete.


Project updates

Elementary West- Final inspections have been completed.  Friday, November 30th some areas will begin to move into our new spaces, with full use taking place over the next couple of weeks.  The current office area will start demo on December 17th.  The district along with the city continues to look at traffic flow during drop off and pick up.

CIMS-The storm shelter area is all blocked up with new steel being erected for the front office area.  It has taken some time to tie into the west wing of the CIC building.  The building continues to take shape.  The front drive and sidewalk are all in place.  Students can use the sidewalk instead of the street.  This building site is a real puzzle as they are taking 1961 and 1975 and combining a 2018 model in the middle.  You also never know what is behind the wall or under the ground.

Construction at CIMS

High School-The new entrance panels are in place.  They have also addressed the new parking lot area.  Bleachers are upgraded.  There are still many door upgrades and camera upgrades to come.

Construction never goes as fast as you want, but the wait for new improvements will be so awesome for community, staff, and students.  In all buildings, we are still working to get the heating and cooling adjustments made.  These areas are getting better every day.


Bond projects are moving forward and some are nearing completion.

Elementary West- The new office space and entrance should be ready in a few weeks.  The final paint and carpet are going in this week. They will be completing the final heating and cooling before we are able to move in.

CIMS-The new office space is taking shape.  They completed the front drive and will be starting on the sidewalk near the street.  As you drive by on fourth street you can see the block structure of the storm shelter rising up.  It takes a lot of coordination to put two buildings of different age together. They are been working on heating and cooling as they fire up the new boilers.

High School-The new entrance has been delayed as we are waiting on some of the metal panels to be fabricated.  They have been addressing heating and cooling upgrades. The new front-drive will continue next week.

Bus Parking Lot-We are currently upgrading our drive entrance to concrete to the bus parking/East entrance to CIMS large parking lot.  This drive was a combination of asphalt and gravel. The new concrete should make it easier exiting the lot.

All of the upgrades are moving forward and will benefit our students, staff, and community.  There have been a few ups and downs with the project, but all have handled it very well. The future looks good when it comes to our facilities.



Clearwater Elementary West Floor Plans

Clearwater Elementary West Site Map


Below is a schedule of construction items and the estimated completion dates. 

High School

  • Offices and Reception will be completed 8/3
  • Front Canopy with the exception of perforated panels and logo will be completed 8/10.  Perforated panels set to deliver 9/28 and will be installed once they arrive.
  • Security Cameras are complete.
  • The remainder of the security package (doors and hardware) will be complete after Christmas break (don't know the dates).

Middle School

  • Pod Classrooms are complete
  • Corridors - LVT flooring September 5, perhaps by August 13 if LVT is shipped earlier.
  • Gym will be complete 8/3.
  • Parking lot will be complete 7/31
  • Fitness room will be complete 8/20
  • Locker rooms will be complete 8/27
  • Concessions and Dishwasher will be complete 9/10
  • Security Cameras to be complete 9/17
  • Security Hardware to be complete after Christmas break.


  • Classrooms complete with exception of South Wing 8/3
  • Corridors - will be completed 9/5 by working nights and weekend once LVT arrives.
  • Greenroom complete after HVAC issues addressed.
  • Security Cameras to be complete 9/17
  • Security Hardware to be complete after Christmas break.
  • Central Administration addition to be completed 12/31/18.
  • Existing Office remodel will be complete 2/25/19

Elementary West

  • Existing Building to be complete 8/3
  • Addition to be complete 9/10.
  • Exiting office remodel to be complete 9/21
  • Security Cameras to be complete 9/21
  • Security Hardware to be complete after Christmas break.



There has been good progress with construction projects this summer. At Elementary West, all flooring, lighting, painting, and cooling should be completed and ready by the start of school.  The new south addition will be completed in late September or early October. 

The new high school main entrance is on schedule and is expected to be ready in early August. The work on installing the new bleachers in the main gym at the high school just started but will be done by early August. 

With the new administration addition that combines the Intermediate Center and Middle School, that part is much more complex because of moving utilities.  The expected date of completion is in December. The MS gym is getting a new floor, new bleachers, and for the first time, air conditioning.  The new roof on IC is just about finished. New flooring and concessions are in progress and should be done just prior to school starting. The resurfacing of the MS south parking lot has begun with a plan to address the drainage when we get a downpour. 

The stadium track has a new surface on it as the old surface had reached its life expectancy. 

Overall, the funding for the bond project is in fine shape that will enable the district to address other facility needs during the school year. 

Finally, with the combining of the IC and MS, it is now one school instead of two.  The official name is Clearwater Intermediate-Middle School.  



The construction project is coming along really well.  You may have noticed some of the improvements already completed.  Lighting in classrooms at Elementary West and the Middle School have definitely brightened things up.  

The Elementary West addition is on schedule to be completed by the end of July.  The walls and columns are up. There is still some work to be done before the interior portion can begin.

The Intermediate Center is getting a new roof.  The work on it has started and the anticipated completion is mid-summer.  

The new administration area for the middle school and intermediate center will be completed sometime in December.  The middle school parking lot will be completed during the summer, which will include improved drainage during heavy rains.  

The new high school parking lot section closer to the building by the auditorium will be completed in May.  I'm not for sure if it will be finished by graduation.  The parking lot has new lighting installed.  

One of the big projects this summer is for the construction crews to get in the classrooms for installation of new carpet, lighting, and painting in classrooms and hallways at Elementary West, Intermediate Center, and Middle School.  Each attendance center is preparing to clear out classrooms for this work to be done during the summer. 

Security improvements are an important part of the overall scope of the bond project. Our district recently obtained quotes on cameras. Mr. Doud has been working with Avigilon on types of cameras to install and camera locations for all the schools. 

Our district has been blessed on the fiscal side of the bond project. First of all, the successful bond sale from last June increased the value of our bond project by $500,000 and at the same time decreased the expected mill rate for the bond project. In addition (as of now), the district has not had to utilize as much contingency funds within the bond budget, which gives us additional flexibility to address other facility needs. The district has had discussions on projects that were originally cut from the bond project along with developing a list of other possible needs to consider. For example, the high school parking lot has areas to address. Elementary West and Middle School roofs may be considered.  Upgrading the middle school auditorium is also on the list. This list will be discussed in May with Simpson's Construction and SPT Architecture.  

The track will be getting a new surface starting sometime in late May or early June.  As of now, this project is being paid through capital outlay funds. 



Click to view the →  Clearwater USD#264 Construction Schedule



The pre-construction phase is pretty much completed. The board heard some very good news in regards to the construction budget during the November 13 board meeting.  The construction bids came in at budget with the potential for additional cost savings.  

To get started, groundbreaking at Elementary West will start in the first part of December.  At the CIC/MS schools, there will be utility relocation work that will start very soon. At the high school, outside site lighting will be addressed.  

The district thanks, Simpson's Construction and SPT Architecture for their dedication to this project.  



The preconstruction and bidding phase is coming to a completion for Elementary West, Intermediate Center, and Middle School.  Once bids are finalized in November, the public will start seeing some actual work going on at these three schools. Storm shelters and the administration office additions will be up first. Interior remodel is scheduled to begin in December.  Projects at the high school will start up after the new year.  

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