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Cowley Auto Tech Program

Posted Date: 02/15/2023

Before tonight’s Tech Career Night we wanted to introduce you to a student who is currently enrolled in a tech program.

Junior Aaron Schroeder is one of 10 students currently enrolled in the High School Blocks Program at Cowley Community College while also working toward a degree at Clearwater High School.

A typical day in the auto mechanics program for Aaron starts with two blocks at CHS, then lunch, and then the afternoon spent on CCC’s Mulvane Campus learning the tech skills he will need in a career as an automotive technician. When his golf season starts this spring, he’ll return in time for practice.

Is this the best of both worlds? Aaron thinks so. When he graduates from CHS next year he will also have an Associates Degree and work experience. The program he is in is funded by Kansas grants so he only pays for books and supplies.

Last year Aaron and his dad attended the Tech Career Night. “I had an interest in automotive. This program gives me the chance to find out if it’s something I want to do and help to decide if that’s my future,” he said.

The program is hands-on in the auto shop, gives opportunities to work with others, and collaborate with classmates to make sure everything is right. Aaron took these pictures in the shop.

aaron's quote

“The instructor is fantastic. He gives tips but not the answer,” Aaron said. “The program overall is just really great and I get to hang out with classmates interested in the same thing.”

The auto program at CCC is just one example of the dual credit program available to Juniors and Seniors at Clearwater High School. If you want to know more about the exciting opportunities consider attending the Technical Career Night on Wednesday, February 15, 2023, at 7 p.m. at CHS.

students in the Cowley Auto Tech program  students in the Cowley Auto Tech program  students in the Cowley Auto Tech program