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New Class Starts with a Crime Scene

Posted Date: 08/29/2022

Today Clearwater High School students walked into a crime scene as part of a new class, Principles of Biomedical Science from Project Lead the Way.

Freshman Presley Riggins said, “When I saw the scene I was really interested and wanted to know more and know what happened here.” 

With the guidance of Resource Officer Jacks, students will play the role of medical investigator. Today they were tasked with observing the scene and asking questions. Over the next weeks they will look closer at the evidence and learn the science behind the investigation. 

“Exposure to career opportunities is a part of this course,” said Mrs. Foley, high school science teacher. “We are excited to have added this opportunity for CHS students.” 

Students were confident that they could figure out this crime scene. “There is a lot of evidence we could see by looking at the crime scene today. I would start with getting fingerprints from the beaker and see whose it is,” said Junior McKinzie Nicks. 

Ofc Jacks talks to biomedical scienceBiomedical Science classcrime scene tape in the Biomedical Science class